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The Secret to YES | Mary Albright | Certified BANK Consultant

You want the Yes. I want the Yes. No matter what business we are in, we are all selling something, and we all want our clients to say, “Yes!”

I’ve heard the same sales training you have; You’ve got to get through the No’s to get to the Yes’s.

Have you ever stopped to think about why that is? I confess, until recently, I took what I was spoonfed. Because I expected that people who knew more than me knew what to do. I drank the “It’s a numbers game” koolaid.

After I read about BANK, I realized I should have Gibbs-slapped myself a while ago.

If there are 24 buy-ing personality types, and I have 1 pitch, that means I’m only hitting the right person 4% of the time. Then it makes sense that I get more No’s before I get the Yes. I’m communicating the wrong way the other 96% of the time.

Isn’t the ultimate service to communicate in the way the client needs to hear to make an informed decision? Instead, I confuse, put off or otherwise push away most of them if I’m not communicating for them.

Why wouldn’t I want to learn how to crack their BANK code? I’d make more clients happy, retain them longer and increase sales.

Crack your own code in 90 seconds or less. Discover BANK. Then go out and make magic in your business with it.