It’s no secret that your people are the foundation of your business success.
Your company can’t survive and thrive without your employees. So don’t forget employee training.

In Ryan Jenkins’ article in Inc., his #5 trend for 2016 is Training and Education.
Here’s the blurb:

5) Rise in Training and Education

In the last few years, companies have cut back their training and education programs. In 2016, that trend will reverse. Companies will invest more into employee education and training as they realize the value of it in today’s changing world.

Across all industries, training and education will see a sharp spike in 2016.

Employers are finally starting to figure it out.  You can train on hard skills. You can help them do what they need to do.

Individuals come to the table with who they are.  Who they are as a person and how they deliver value, no matter what channel it gets delivered on.

By all means, get them trained.  Bring in education. Help them learn their communication profiles. Support a culture of delivering at your highest value.

Then watch the success ripple outward.