The obstacles for team success are real. 

Edward is a senior IT professional with a large corporation. He tolerated his friend Elizabeth when she asked him to take the Fascination Advantage Assessment.  He fully expected this to be just like all those other assessments he’d had to take at work before.

When he finished, Elizabeth asked, “What did you think?”  She didn’t get the short, polite answer she was expecting.

Edward replied, “I wish everyone at work would take this so I can understand why they are so hard to work with and so they can understand where I’m coming from when I ask for stuff.”

He immediately saw the positive impact Fascination could have in his team and across the corporation.


Why Train the Team?

The team is important to your success.

Let’s face it. Each individual on your team is a building block in the foundation of your company or organization.

Shouldn’t each person know their highest value?
Shouldn’t each person on the team know their team members’ highest value?

And it’s not just about the highest value.
It’s also about how to communicate effectively.

Take Edward’s example above.
What if every team member knew each other’s communications profile?
Think of the time that could be saved and the efficiencies that could be achieved.

When each person is operating in their genius zone, the team is going to optimize its success.

Team engagement and development sessions are customized to cover the needs and goals of your unique team.


The Team Loves Fascination

The statistics show that team members love Fascination.

Fascination Team Training Stats

Why Fascination Is the New Standard

Every individual should know how the world sees them.
It helps each of us show up to make a difference.

But it also helps us stand out and be successful.
Knowing how you provide distinct value is a building block of personal leadership.

Every individual should develop the skills of selfless leadership.

Fascination gets you on the path of understanding how you can operate in your genius zone.
Fascination wants you to do more of what’s already working. That’s where you make the greatest impact and provide positive influence.

And let’s face it, when you operate in your genius zone, your happiness quotient is much more likely to be sky high.

Wrap these philosophies into a team environment and with Fascination, your team is more likely to be happier and more successful.


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Full day and multi-day sessions are available.

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