Resources are mere tools in your toolbox.  If you are more the do-it-yourself type, you can follow the steps below to discover your Fascination Profile.

STEP 1: Take the Fascination Profile Assessment

28 questions. 5 minutes online.  You can do this on a smartphone.
Learn how the world sees you and how to communicate how you are distinctly valuable.

Basic Profile

  • Your Fascination Archetype
  • Your Top 2 Advantages explained

Complete Profile + Personal Brand Kit

Best Value
  • Your Fascination Archetype explained
  • Complete Advantage Breakdown
  • One-Minute Coaching Tips
  • 5 Key Phrases for your Online Profiles
  • Analytics
  • 16-page customized PDF Report
  • Quick Start Guide to Your Personal Brand
  • Video Lesson from Sally Hogshead, Founder of How to Fascinate
  • Tips to Fascinate with Your LinkedIn Profile


STEP 2: Develop your Anthem

The Anthem is the tagline for your personality.  You’ve only got 9 seconds to make that first impression, influence and build loyalty.  Develop that 2-3 word phrase that describes your distinct value using the information from your Fascination Profile.

One Hour Personal Brand Strategy Kit

The Crash Course in the Anthem Method
  • 30 minute video lesson from Sally Hogshead
  • Step-by-step workbook
  • Quick guide to making your LinkedIn profile stand out
  • No fluff. no abstract theory
  • Complete in about an hour

Ultimate Brand Play Book

The original personal branding course
  • Weekly learning modules that help craft the right anthem for you
  • Week 1 – Discover your most valuable differences
  • Week 2 – See how the world sees you…at your best
  • Week 3 – Build Your Own Anthem
  • Week 4 – Apply Your Anthem in Business
  • Week 5 – Live Your Anthem
  • Emails each week to guide you through the process at your own pace
  • Engagement worksheets and practical tips to craft your communication strategy

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