January is Get Organized Month. We hit the new year and part of turning over usually means a frenzy of goal setting and getting organized.

Some of us (raising my hand high) thrive on organization. I love it. I love planning out the big picture. Mapping out a process and a plan with the end goal in mind…I imagine it’s like being high.

Others grit their teeth at organization and planning. Details aren’t their thing.  They might prefer a little organized chaos.
Or the thought of details gives them a full blown migraine.  It’s not their mojo.

Everyone has differences in how they deliver value.

In the Fascination Advantage System, people with the Alert Advantage use the language of details and organization.  They do it so easily, it’s like breathing.
Alert is one of my tertiary advantages. As a former engineer, it’s easy for me to engage that advantage even though it’s not in my archetype.

Here’s why the Alert Advantage can benefit you and your team:

Details can be important. Lack of detail and clear organization can cause confusion, make you look disorganized and harm your brand.
Enough detail and organization can make you and your system look brilliant and high touch and be highly attractive.

If being proactive, detailed and organized doesn’t fall in your genius zone, it’s ok. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You can. It just takes a bit more effort.
It means you naturally make magic with a different advantage.

Not sure what your Fascination Advantages are?  Learn more about the Fascination Advantage Assessment.

Are you someone with the Alert Advantage? Or not?  Share in the comments.