Fascination Advantages are part of the tool belt

My son is in a Personal Leadership class at college. He has some pre-work before the semester started, one of which was that he had to take a StrengthsFinder assessment.
He was mildly irked that he had to pay for and take the assessment for class. I confess I was a little irked for him as well.

Don’t get me wrong; StrengthsFinder is a valuable tool.  It’s psychology based and it tells you how you see the world.  We should all know ourselves.

But StrengthFinder is not the only tool in the tool belt of success.  You should know your strengths. But do you know how to talk about them in a way that matters?
If you can’t articulate your strengths in a way that matters to help you get a job or land a contract, it doesn’t really matter what your strengths are.

The Fascination Advantage Assessment and Report complements StrengthsFinders.  It brings a personal branding and marketing perspective together with the psychological perspective. You discover your Fascination Advantages (your Talent Profile, if you will) in the Fascination Advantage Assessment and use the language in the report to help you describe your strengths – how you deliver distinct value in everything you do.

I can have Strategic, Achiever, Focus, Responsibility and Individualization in the Strengths system all I want. It doesn’t easily describe my value nor does it give me a good way to describe how I am the category of one – that one person that can do what I do and how I do it.

But as the Change Agent, where my super power is inventive problem solving, I can immediately describe my highest value in a way that is meaningful to my listener,viewer, reader.

Fill in the whole picture. Use all the tools in your tool belt.

Take the assessment today.  It’s 28 questions, takes 3-4 minutes online and you get an instant 16-page customized report.

Got the report and not sure what the next steps are or how to use it? 
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