February is Passion Month. Doesn’t that work out well?

Passion and I have a love-hate relationship with each other.
How’s that for mixing metaphors right off the bat?

For most of us, Passion is akin to love. We’re passionate about people, things, ideas, stuff.

I’m passionate about my family.
I’m passionate about my business.
I’m passionate about all things Disney.
I’m passionate about my work with the Civil Air Patrol.

In that context, I love the word “Passion.”

In the Fascination Advantage System, Passion is not my forte.

I’m dormant Passion. Sinceriously.

You might be thinking, “What’s this dormant Passion she’s talking about? Is that the same thing as a weakness?”

It’s not. Like each of you, I’m able to use every one of the 7 Fascination Advantages.
It’s just to what degree it’s easy for me to do so.

The dormant Advantage is the one that is the most exhausting and where I’m least likely to be impress others or make an impact.

It takes more effort for me to use Passion and be “warm and fuzzy.”
I’m not that animal. I’m more intellectual and rational.
That’s where I make magic.

People who are primary Passion easily create emotional connections.
They tend to be great team builders and cheerleaders.
As leaders, they are in tune with their team. They add that quality of human touch that is completely valuable.

Passion people speak the language of relationships.

So take some time during Passion month to explore your Passion.

And maybe even your Passion Advantage.
Is it your primary, where it’s so instinctive, it’s like breathing?
Is it your dormant where, like me, you have to put more energy and focus into activating it?
Or does it fall somewhere in between.

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