Distraction and Personal Branding

Today’s world moves fast and is full of noise. In fact, the argument can be made that we live in a world of distraction.

Remember Dug, the lovable pup from Disney’s Up?  Squirrel!

He was easily shiny-marbled.

People are easily shiny marbled.  If you don’t grab their attention – fascinate them – then they’ll let themselves move on and be distracted by something or someone else.

The research shows that you have nine seconds to grab the attention of your listener, viewer, reader.

It’s the attention span of a goldfish.

Think about it: if your listener, viewer, reader becomes distracted while you communicate, they are more likely to become confused or simply not engaged with your message.  When you don’t communicate your value clearly, you aren’t adding value.

When you add value, people want a bigger piece of you.
They came back to you over and over as the person that can help them do what you do best.

This is the foundation of loyalty. People want awesome. When you deliver awesome, they’ll come back to you for more of it.

So what does this all have to do with distraction and defeating the enemies of personal branding?

Make a more memorable first impression by fascinating your listener, viewer, reader.  Use your personality’s natural talents – your Advantages.  These are your signature qualities.

How many times have you been to an event where you are meeting people and introductions go like this:

“Hi, I’m Fred. I’m a realtor.”

“I’m Melissa. I’m a wealth advisor for busy women.”

It seems like there are a bazillion realtors and financial advisors everywhere.  It’s easy to be lost in a sea of sameness.

Stand out in your communication. Or don’t bother.

When you stand out, you are defeat distraction by earning attention because you are different.

You are different when you use your Advantages and operate in your genius zone.

Want to know your Fascination Advantages?

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