The Fascination Advantage System with Fascination Training and Coaching is the forward-thinking and game-changing tool in the leadership development tool box for today’s college students.

Fascination is already being implemented in higher education.

The Krannert School of Business at Purdue University includes Fascination in its Launching Global Leadership course as part of its MBA curriculum.


Step 1: Take the Assessment

Your students will take the Fascination Advantage Assessment.

This report will give them the information they need to be successful during the sessions.


Step 2: Group Coaching Session

Students will bring their Fascination Assessment reports to this session.

We’ll go over the 7 Advantages of Fascination and discuss how they can apply their own results.

Understanding how you deliver value and how you are different sets the foundation for Anthem development.

Step 3: Anthem Building

In this group session, we move through the process of developing the Anthem: the Tagline for Your Personality.

This 2-3 word phrase will help participants describe how they are different and deliver distinct value.

It helps them to better understand how to communicate their Talent Profile and position themselves as a category of one.

How can I use Fascination within the Career Center or in Leadership Development?

The Fascination Advantage Assessment and Report is another tool in the tool belt for the student.

Many schools use StrengthsFinder, a psychology based system that shows you how you see the world.
This is important. You should know yourself.

But StrengthsFinder is one aspect of who you are. Fascination complements StrengthsFinder. It gives you the tools and the language so you can describe how you provide distinct value.

In today’s world, you must know your personal brand – how you deliver distinct value and how you are different.  



85% of your financial success is due to personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead.
Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.

Carnegie Institute for Science

Strengths don't matter if can't communicate them.

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